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Monday, October 7, 2019

This is what motherhood looks like... Kind of...

You may see this pic and think oh wow how beautiful.... But.... the truth behind this pic is a mother who is exhausted, worried and struggling to manage two children's routines.
A 2 year old who is coming to terms with the fact she has to share her Mamma and her Mamma can not drop everything when she needs, here is also a 2year old who still needed her Mamma to rock her to sleep (as you can see she is sucking my hair) and a 2 year old who didn't understand why she couldn't be in the room and play loudly when baby was sleeping.
Here also is a mamma who held so much guilt over so much; her new borns diagnosis, not being the strong super mom that she thought she should be, not being able to give her children everything they craved (one on one time), a mother who felt so wound up as if she was about to snap- this feeling was the biggest shock...

So just a reminder, all those insta pics you see out there of happy families may not be what they seem, everyone has their struggles, every mother is going through stuff AND it is normal and there is help... reach out, it will make the world of difference!

I will be creating a directory page on our website with a list of services that may help other mothers/ families going through some tough times.
Most of these services I have used myself and gained tremendous benefit from, sanity-saving benefits from... And I am happy to answer any questions about these if you need... 

Feel free to comment below.

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