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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Worries and Anxiety- top tips to alleviate them!

Our little Lilah had 2% chance of surviving our pregnancy... Surely this proves her strength & determination!

But Yet, the first year of her life I worried so so much- about the what if's, about the health hurdles she may have to overcome and the emotional hurdles she will need to overcome! But as Lilah grows up and the more I see her character developing, the less I am worrying! She has the most amazing personality, strong, determined, social and opinionated, yes even though she is only 20mths old!!!

As mums I think we will always worry about our babes, but when there is extra challenges this worry is next level... But what I have found to help is being present! Taking each day to truly acknowledge and appreciate the little things with your children, because when we are worrying about the future we are living in anxiety! So to avoid anxiety, forget the future and "be present" in each moment with your children. And I know that with special needs children or children with health conditions we do need to think ahead/ to the future, but what I am referring to here is that when you are with your children playing, living daily-  stay present! I am unfortunate to stay that the first year I did find myself living a little too much with anxiety of the future and I wish I could go back to tell myself not to worry so much, but I cant and thats ok, it was my journey to go through.

So instead I am sending out my experience and lessons from that to maybe help others.

If your finding yourself stuck in anxiety try my top 10 tips to keep yourself grounded and present & to reduce anxiety!!!

(Note the first 4 are things you can do in the moment, that take a few seconds/ minuets, the following may need extra time or planning).

1) BREATHE, yes the simple act of deep breathing/ belly breathing can relieve tension, often when we are stuck in anxiety, we start to shallow breath and hold ourselves tense...

2) TOUCH/ HOLD/ HUG SOMETHING, again as mentioned above when we are anxious we are worrying about the future, so touching/ holding/ hugging something will help to bring you back, when you hold the item run through the sensations in your head. I like to hold a rock, my daughters hand, touch my heart/chest, hug my daughters.

3) MUSIC, I love to play upbeat music (and sing/ dance along to it) to shift my thoughts of anxiety.

4) DIFFUSE SOME OILS, as mentioned in the last post, essential oils have the power to shift moods, so find some oils that resonate with you and your needs to have on hand!

5) SUPPLEMENT, when we are stressed / anxious our bodies utilise and need more nutrients! Magnesium & B Vitamins are two of the main ones. And utilising medicinal herbs for anxiety/ stress can be an absolute godsend & lifesaver. Contact me if you need to some professional help & want to book an appointment to address anxiety & stress in your life.

6) MAGNESIUM SALT BATH, magnesium salt baths with relaxing essential oils can also give instant relief, of physically tension & mentally worry.

7) SELF CARE, Book yourself a massage, facial, pedi/mani or float tank session, some special pampering time may be just what the doctor ordered!

8) EAT NOURISHING FOODS, Revisit your nutritional needs! Are you eating what your body truly is craving? Wholesome foods, real foods, proteins, good fats etc And eating regularly enough? Deficiencies & blood sugar imbalances can often present as anxiety/ stress in the body. Again, if your needing professional help with your dietary needs reach out! As a naturopath, FOOD is a top factor that I believe can heal or harm.

9) FRESH AIR, Get out for some fresh air, a walk, jog, ride, a stroll along the beach or take the kids to the park. This is often one that can shift my anxiety instantly.

10) MEDITATION, focusing on your body, taking a moment acknowledge what your body is feeling right now- tightness, aches, pains etc and releasing this with the breathing mentioned above, this can be a simple 5 min act in quiet, or find an audio that you play in the background whilst you do your daily tasks.

I hope you can utilise some of these top 10 tips to assist you managing you daily stress & anxieties!

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