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Friday, September 6, 2019

Medications- a necessity for some- Part two

Following on from yesterdays blog post.

Medications a necessity for some.

Our personal story of medication acceptance.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Lilah's story, Lilah has Turners Syndrome, a chromosomal condition affecting one of her X chromosomes (its missing). This consequently means along with being predisposed to many health conditions, Lilah will need the assistance of some medications for her to live her best life- the main ones include human growth hormone and hormone therapy.

Now as you could imagine, me being a Naturopath, this was a hard one for me to swallow, the thought of having to give my baby ADULT medications, just so she can grow and function normally. The guilt that comes with this is incredible, something I am still working on. But knowing what I know about the body and its physiology, I also know that these medications are 100% essential for her- no they are not natural, yes they come with some possible scary side effects, but the side effects of her not having these are also scary and reduce her quality of life. So it's about doing what we believe is in her best interest, for her healths sake- and that means medications. 

How do I deal with this you ask?

•First and foremost- being THANKFUL, that we have medications to help her! 

•Secondly- Research! These medications are a little while off yet, but I am doing my best to research and understand these meds and their benefits (& side effects)- I believe knowledge is power and this knowledge will help me support Lilah best.

•Thirdly- having a trusted medical team. I have an amazing integrative GP to monitor and support Lilah for regular check ups to monitor side effects, we have an amazing endocrinologist who is a Professor.

•Fourthly- I will be supporting her with natural medicine

•Finally- our little family of 4 is a strong unit that will be there for Lilah and each other 100% of the way!

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