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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Medications- a necessity for some- Part one


A necessity for some!

I can not stress this enough- medications are not evil, they are not something to be ashamed of, they are not for the weak and YES THEY ARE A NECESSITY FOR SOME- and thats ok!

As much as I am a Naturopath at heart and to my core I strive to keep me and my family as natural as possible, I am also aware that there is a time and place for medications and when they are used appropriately they are a true blessing!

I am finding so so many clients these days when the part of the consultation comes up regarding what meds they are on, so many look ashamed when they tell me. And I feel it is my duty to tell them that it is ok! Because it is! These medications mostly are being prescribed to help people through critical times in their life- times of crippling depression, anxiety, chronic pain etc. And when I have clients in front of me in tears about having to take such meds, I explain to them how strong they must have been to reach out- they look shocked, when I explain to these clients that these medications probably saved their life- they look shocked and relieved- relieved that they made the right decision!
Just as if your leg was broken you need mainstream medicine, if you have a life threatening chronic infection you need antibiotics, same be with medications for critical care of the mind and body...

We can always work on the body naturally to optimise medications and how your body deals with it, reducing side effects, assist with weaning off (when it comes to that time) etc. Natural medicine and mainstream medicine CAN work brilliantly together, under the guidance of a qualified Naturopath. 

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Stay tuned for part two tomorrow... Our personal story of acceptance with medications.


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