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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Worries and Anxiety- top tips to alleviate them!

Our little Lilah had 2% chance of surviving our pregnancy... Surely this proves her strength & determination!

But Yet, the first year of her life I worried so so much- about the what if's, about the health hurdles she may have to overcome and the emotional hurdles she will need to overcome! But as Lilah grows up and the more I see her character developing, the less I am worrying! She has the most amazing personality, strong, determined, social and opinionated, yes even though she is only 20mths old!!!

As mums I think we will always worry about our babes, but when there is extra challenges this worry is next level... But what I have found to help is being present! Taking each day to truly acknowledge and appreciate the little things with your children, because when we are worrying about the future we are living in anxiety! So to avoid anxiety, forget the future and "be present" in each moment with your children. And I know that with special needs children or children with health conditions we do need to think ahead/ to the future, but what I am referring to here is that when you are with your children playing, living daily-  stay present! I am unfortunate to stay that the first year I did find myself living a little too much with anxiety of the future and I wish I could go back to tell myself not to worry so much, but I cant and thats ok, it was my journey to go through.

So instead I am sending out my experience and lessons from that to maybe help others.

If your finding yourself stuck in anxiety try my top 10 tips to keep yourself grounded and present & to reduce anxiety!!!

(Note the first 4 are things you can do in the moment, that take a few seconds/ minuets, the following may need extra time or planning).

1) BREATHE, yes the simple act of deep breathing/ belly breathing can relieve tension, often when we are stuck in anxiety, we start to shallow breath and hold ourselves tense...

2) TOUCH/ HOLD/ HUG SOMETHING, again as mentioned above when we are anxious we are worrying about the future, so touching/ holding/ hugging something will help to bring you back, when you hold the item run through the sensations in your head. I like to hold a rock, my daughters hand, touch my heart/chest, hug my daughters.

3) MUSIC, I love to play upbeat music (and sing/ dance along to it) to shift my thoughts of anxiety.

4) DIFFUSE SOME OILS, as mentioned in the last post, essential oils have the power to shift moods, so find some oils that resonate with you and your needs to have on hand!

5) SUPPLEMENT, when we are stressed / anxious our bodies utilise and need more nutrients! Magnesium & B Vitamins are two of the main ones. And utilising medicinal herbs for anxiety/ stress can be an absolute godsend & lifesaver. Contact me if you need to some professional help & want to book an appointment to address anxiety & stress in your life.

6) MAGNESIUM SALT BATH, magnesium salt baths with relaxing essential oils can also give instant relief, of physically tension & mentally worry.

7) SELF CARE, Book yourself a massage, facial, pedi/mani or float tank session, some special pampering time may be just what the doctor ordered!

8) EAT NOURISHING FOODS, Revisit your nutritional needs! Are you eating what your body truly is craving? Wholesome foods, real foods, proteins, good fats etc And eating regularly enough? Deficiencies & blood sugar imbalances can often present as anxiety/ stress in the body. Again, if your needing professional help with your dietary needs reach out! As a naturopath, FOOD is a top factor that I believe can heal or harm.

9) FRESH AIR, Get out for some fresh air, a walk, jog, ride, a stroll along the beach or take the kids to the park. This is often one that can shift my anxiety instantly.

10) MEDITATION, focusing on your body, taking a moment acknowledge what your body is feeling right now- tightness, aches, pains etc and releasing this with the breathing mentioned above, this can be a simple 5 min act in quiet, or find an audio that you play in the background whilst you do your daily tasks.

I hope you can utilise some of these top 10 tips to assist you managing you daily stress & anxieties!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Essential oils- the power shift you physically, emotionally & spiritually!

Essential Oils have the power to move you physically, emotionally & spiritually!

EcoAroma's Free spirit blend is one that inspires individuality, confidence and freedom!

This beautiful blend is one that is on my order list for next week! As I am in the process of creating my own personal DIY mood shifter kit!

Running a business, definitely brings up lots of self limiting beliefs and for me confidence is a biggy! So this blend is a perfect fit for me to shift me when I get stuck in "state"...

Along with my essential oils, other things I am adding to my mood shifting DIY kit is my favourite music, some beautiful images of nature & my family- they are my "WHY"- why I am doing what I am doing! And for your family too!

Do you have any self limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Comment below and ill find you some oils to assist!

CLICK HERE to see our essential oils. 
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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Natural Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is a breeze for some and a real struggle for others.

There are many reasons for this, most can be assisted naturally.

When there is an issue with milk supply I address the following possible causes with Mamma.

1. Firstly I always recommend is getting the babies mouth/ tongue assessed, to rule out tongue ties or oral issues causing bub to not latch or suckle correctly, as this can result in low out put of milk.

2. Secondly I address Mamma's nutritional intake, ensuring she is eating good amounts of all macros (carbs, fats, proteins) & micro's (vitamins & minerals etc). And also ensuring she is drinking lots of water & eliminating dehydrating drinks/foods such as caffeine & sugary foods.
As much as many "professionals" will say it doesn't matter what Mum eats in respect to milk production, I have seen time & time again, simple adjustments in the diet can really enhance milk supply & quality!

3. Thirdly I check with the mum about their breastfeeding environment. Are they sitting, connecting with bub when feeding, or are they on the phone or running around with other siblings? Our mind & body connection is such a strong one, and the simple act of taking time to sit and "enjoy" breastfeeding can trigger your body to produce milk. Now I know in some instances this can be hard, especially when you have other children that need you too. I found personally that the second time round with bub number 2, you definitely dont always get that "quiet" feeding time!

4. Fourthly I check mums over all health, stress, digestion, immune etc

5. After all the above factors are addressed in consult, then we look at herbal galactagogues, to boost milk supply & quality.

My favourite formula is Oriental Botanicals Breastfeeding Care. It has a beautiful blend of nourishing tonics to support milk supply!


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Friday, September 6, 2019

Medications- a necessity for some- Part two

Following on from yesterdays blog post.

Medications a necessity for some.

Our personal story of medication acceptance.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Lilah's story, Lilah has Turners Syndrome, a chromosomal condition affecting one of her X chromosomes (its missing). This consequently means along with being predisposed to many health conditions, Lilah will need the assistance of some medications for her to live her best life- the main ones include human growth hormone and hormone therapy.

Now as you could imagine, me being a Naturopath, this was a hard one for me to swallow, the thought of having to give my baby ADULT medications, just so she can grow and function normally. The guilt that comes with this is incredible, something I am still working on. But knowing what I know about the body and its physiology, I also know that these medications are 100% essential for her- no they are not natural, yes they come with some possible scary side effects, but the side effects of her not having these are also scary and reduce her quality of life. So it's about doing what we believe is in her best interest, for her healths sake- and that means medications. 

How do I deal with this you ask?

•First and foremost- being THANKFUL, that we have medications to help her! 

•Secondly- Research! These medications are a little while off yet, but I am doing my best to research and understand these meds and their benefits (& side effects)- I believe knowledge is power and this knowledge will help me support Lilah best.

•Thirdly- having a trusted medical team. I have an amazing integrative GP to monitor and support Lilah for regular check ups to monitor side effects, we have an amazing endocrinologist who is a Professor.

•Fourthly- I will be supporting her with natural medicine

•Finally- our little family of 4 is a strong unit that will be there for Lilah and each other 100% of the way!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Medications- a necessity for some- Part one


A necessity for some!

I can not stress this enough- medications are not evil, they are not something to be ashamed of, they are not for the weak and YES THEY ARE A NECESSITY FOR SOME- and thats ok!

As much as I am a Naturopath at heart and to my core I strive to keep me and my family as natural as possible, I am also aware that there is a time and place for medications and when they are used appropriately they are a true blessing!

I am finding so so many clients these days when the part of the consultation comes up regarding what meds they are on, so many look ashamed when they tell me. And I feel it is my duty to tell them that it is ok! Because it is! These medications mostly are being prescribed to help people through critical times in their life- times of crippling depression, anxiety, chronic pain etc. And when I have clients in front of me in tears about having to take such meds, I explain to them how strong they must have been to reach out- they look shocked, when I explain to these clients that these medications probably saved their life- they look shocked and relieved- relieved that they made the right decision!
Just as if your leg was broken you need mainstream medicine, if you have a life threatening chronic infection you need antibiotics, same be with medications for critical care of the mind and body...

We can always work on the body naturally to optimise medications and how your body deals with it, reducing side effects, assist with weaning off (when it comes to that time) etc. Natural medicine and mainstream medicine CAN work brilliantly together, under the guidance of a qualified Naturopath. 

Follow link below to book your Naturopathic appointment to discuss further.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow... Our personal story of acceptance with medications.