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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Lanolising your cloth nappy wool covers!

How to lanolise your wool nappy covers!

If you choose to use wool covers with your bamboo fitted nappies or night nappies you need to lanolise them before use. This ensures your wool covers are water proof...

Follow these simple steps to lanolise your woolies:

• Half fill a medium bowl with boiled water
• Add a pea sized dob of lanolin (the pure stuff from the pharmacy)
• Stir with a clean spoon so that the lanolin completely dissolves
• Fill the rest of the bowl with cool water (so that the water is now warm not hot)
• Place your wool covers in the water, ensure they are fully submerged, by pushing them into the water giving a bit of a squeeze and repeat till the covers have soaked up the water mixture
• Leave to soak for a minimum of 3 hours
• Squeeze dry (don't rinse) and then lay them flat on a clothes line to dry

• Repeat this after each wool wash.

Easy peasy!

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