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Monday, May 14, 2018

The importance of Connections, Friendships & Outside the home interactions for Mamma's

Recently I realised that my Mamma life was missing "connections" friendships & outside the home interactions! As much as I love my home and family, I had become a little too home-bound since the birth of our darling Lilah, 4mths ago.

I have had some huge learning curves last few months since our beautiful baby girl joined our family. As a Mamma of two now, I have been working so hard to get our daily routines sorted out and I had become a little too homebound and to be honest I had become a little afraid of venturing out with the two girls and just myself, due to the fear of the unpredictable nature of babies & stuffing up Lilah's routine...

Once Lilah arrived I had the initial stage of new adjustments/ new routines to sort out- in the early days I became very anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted with trying to figure these routines out and trying to combine an existing toddlers routine with a new babies routine- (wow now that was a lot more difficult than I thought- especially given that my husband works afternoon/night shift- dinner, bath, bed routines were all up to me), then we found our groove YEAH things were finally starting to fall into place, then maternity leave ended and I needed to fit getting back to work (Naturopathic consulting) into our daily routines too! In conjunction with all this, we also had to help our toddler Amelia adjust to a new family member, which 90% of the time was beautiful sibling connections and the other 10% was trying to get our toddler to understand "gentle hands with babies"! Amongst all these new lifestyle adjustments I totally lost track of making sure I was "connecting" with with friends, keeping some "me time/ exercise time" available and I wasn't getting out into the world! Apart from our weekly music class, we barely left the house! I started to feel I was slipping backwards, back to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted and wound up like the early days... Once I realised why these feelings had risen (lack of connections, me time, exercise & becoming too home bound), I made a conscious decision & effort to get out of the house a few times a week, to schedule my work times so I was able to get out for walks and say YES to to catching up with friends!
And it's funny, I had in my head that it was just too difficult and wasn't worth the stress to get out of the house with the girls, but once I did it, I actually realised its not that hard and it is DEFINITELY worth it, I felt human again!!! I just needed to time it right, around the girls routines so we all enjoyed it! And this little shift in my mindset of getting out to connect has made a huge difference to my moods & anxieties! And boy I have missed the socialising with other Mamma's! I must have seemed like a kid at a carnival!!! Excited to say the least!!! And equally as important the benefits to Amelia (our 2 & 1/2 yo) have been so amazing too, she's also enjoying the socialising catch ups with her friends too! A win win situation!

So heres your reminder Mamma's, make sure your wheel of life is a nice smooth wheel, if you want your life to be running smoothly!
Its so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of routines of family & work and forget to make connections & to enjoy the outdoor interactions, especially if your a home-body like I am!
Even if you love your home & family life you still need to get out for fresh air, a break and friendship connections!!!

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