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Friday, May 25, 2018

Speak to your children as if they are wise, kind, beautiful & magical!

To the best of my ability, I always try to speak to my children with intelligence and respect.
I want my girls to know how amazing they are and that they can be and do anything they desire! I have always believed that, even as babies, children have have an amazing intelligence and understanding on a deep soul level of what we say to them, so I have always spoke to my girls as if I am speaking to an adult that I admire.
I also want to try to instil in them, that when it comes to achieving their dreams, if the desire and dedication is there, they can achieve anything!
I come from a family where hard work, dedication & determination was instilled into us. My parents started out with very little, my father didn't read, write or speak very good english (& still doesn't)... despite all this he was an amazing father & provider for our family, we always had a beautiful home, food on the table and everything we really needed (needed not wanted -no luxuries) and we had all this due to his hard work and dedication.  So I guess this is why I had always believed that I can achieve my dreams. It was never a spoken "you can achieve your dreams Angela" but I learnt from my families actions.
Then in my early adult years I began to meet inspiring people, came across personal development, attended motivational seminars and started my journey into self discovery- & I have never looked back.
I want my girls to have a head start in this mindset from our actions & our words. And I always want them to know that they can achieve anything & that their Mamma & Dadda have their backs 100%!

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