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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Precious Moments- "finally holding your baby after nine long months!"

"She's here! She's finally here & she is perfect!"

These were my words as I held our beautiful Lilah for the first time!

After nine long months of worry and anticipation, copious highs and lows, so many times we were told we would have an answer and didn't get one.... Lilah arrived with an amazing 2 hr labour! She obviously knew that Mamma had gone through enough worries with the pregnancy & didn't need a lengthy labour too!

That feeling of her new born skin on mine, the sound of her cry (which sounded like a little mouse), gazing into her eyes in awe  that Oli & I created this amazing little human, the thought of how amazing Lilah had done in labour despite the doctors thinking she & her heart may struggle due to her small size (she sure showed them), that feeling of amazement of what my body had just done, the endorphin & oxytocin release rushing through my body! .
There is nothing that will ever match that feeling for me!

My baby girl is on her first lap around the sun!!!

Watch out world here comes Lilah Ruby- already 4 mths old!!!

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