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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Children learn what they live...

I always knew this theoretically, but until I heard my 2 year old repeat me word for word- in the exact same tone, I didn't quite realise how true this was!!!

We really do need to watch everything we say and do, because we have 2 little girls intensely watching and taking in everything!!!

Hearing Amelia, my toddler, talk to her dolly's (and US sometimes too) is a wake up call, sometimes I think, where did she hear that? was it us? she couldn't have heard me say that... really? Well yep she did... She is a sponge!!!

I try to be very conscious of how I speak & act around her, but sometimes when your tired, run down and you have a little toddler acting as little toddlers do (and yes I mean when they push your buttons) things can just slip out and you react before you think.

If Im onto it, I apologise and try to explain that Mamma was just a little tired and that I didn't mean to get cranky, but those actions were making Mamma sad...  BUT sometimes this later part gets skipped... And yep you guessed it, later that day she will be repeating my exact words in the exact tone to her poor little dolly...

Sometimes I feel like a bad Mamma because of this and wish I could be patient and calm all the time, so my girls never see the tired cranky me. But I try to remind myself that all emotions are normal, human and healthy. And it is through US that our children learn these emotions and how to deal with them. So as long as we SHOW our kiddies HOW to deal with these emotions better next time and express them in a different way, then its ok!

I also try to remind myself that my girls are also taking in all the wonderful loving things that I do. The heart melting ones are hearing my toddler say "I love you" or "are you ok" to me or her dolly's, this really makes everything ok! To know she is seeing and learning love and empathy from her Mamma & Dadda too!!!

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