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Friday, April 20, 2018

Precious moments... First feed!

Its moments like these that stay with you forever!

I remember both my girls first feeds!
Amelia's isn't as clear in my mind as Lilah's, due to the circumstances around her birth, but I do remember being wheeled around in the hospital bed with her on my chest trying to latch, the little noises she made trying to get a good latch and with the help of the midwives we eventually got it!

And Lilah's first feed I remember as clear as day! She latched on perfectly straight away (probably helps Mamma knew what to do second time round)! And I remember thinking how amazing it was that SHE instinctively knew what to do! I also remember thinking "she's here, she's finally here and she's so perfect"!

Do you remember your first feed? Whether it be breastfeed or bottle feed, both are so special or is there another precious moment that you treasure....

I'd love to hear it! Feel free to share below!

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