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Friday, April 27, 2018

Honouring & trusting your body!

I believe there is no better time to honour your bodies needs than in pregnancy & motherhood!
This one is a hard one for me, but I am slowly learning & I am constantly working on this...

My first pregnancy I didn't feel much "pressure" from others to birth or "to do/ not do things". I attribute this to it being my first pregnancy, so our life was a little more "private". My second pregnancy I let a lot more people in, which can be good, but can also be problematic, depending on the nature of those people.

Towards the end of my pregnancy my doctor had suggested it was in the best interest of my baby (due to her small size) that I be induced at 40wks, so there was a lot of pressure for me to "birth" prior to this! I felt overwhelmed with well meaning people calling constantly asking if I had gone into labour or if there were any signs & telling me to just ask the doctor to "induce you early"...
So I began trying to do all the "natural" methods to get labour happening; using evening primrose oil, eating a s**t load of dates & pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, acupuncture, herbs, long walks & I even reached the point where I got on my treadmill & went for a run at 38 wks!!! Crazy I know!

Now all these natural methods to induce labour are all perfectly safe (apart from running) & work well if the body is ready & if your mind is in the right head space- which mine clearly wasn't! I was overwhelmed & frightened of being medically induced & worried about the complications that may result, if my body wasn't ready.
Then it hit me, I realised that I had anxiety! (You think being a health practitioner I would have picked this up earlier).
So I took a step back, stopped everything (apart from acupuncture & herbs) & my husband & I decided that we would wait till 41wks before a medical induction.. & guess what a day or 2 later my baby girl arrived! She was early!

I honoured & trusted my body that it knew the right time to birth my baby!

Honouring your mind & bodies needs is so important, especially in pregnancy, postpartum care and in times of extra or ordinary stress!!!
We need to know that it s ok to say "back off" or NO to people, that its ok to do what you need to do to get yourself by.... and YES you will piss some people off and YES others will try to make it about themselves & make you feel bad, but if you are saying NO due to self preservation & your heart is in the right place then that is OK!!! This lesson is so hard for me, as I am a people pleaser- I dont like to upset people- and as a result I regret a few things in the later part of my pregnancy and postpartum care, because I didn't honour what my body & mind needed at certain times and I paid the price... I was a mess... Dealing with the normal pregnancy/ postpartum hormone fluctuations, so many specialists appointments for our baby Lilah to organise, a looming diagnosis of TS, plus these silly pressures from others & worrying about who I was going to upset... What I eventually realised was that at the end of the day if I dont honour MY mind & body and if I keep saying YES to people I will fall in a crumbling heap (AGAIN) and it will be ME, my husband & girls that will pay the price- and for what? So I look back at such a precious time in my life and see myself as a crumbling mess, because I put others needs before my own?... And you know what, those putting the pressure on you WONT be there to pick up the pieces. So do what you need to do to honour your body & mind, put you & your little family first before everything & anyone else!

So I will learn from my life lessons and try to remember to honour my mind & my body in motherhood & in life!!!

The Earth Mamma Hub (registration opening soon) is a Hub for Mamma's to learn holistic ways to raise their family & holistic ways to look after themselves emotionally & physically. I will be incorporating a lot of what I have been through in my pregnancies and life, such as that above, and the lessons and tools I have learnt along the way. My aim is to share my life stories, lessons, tips and knowledge from many years of dealing with Mamma's in clinic, to empower other likeminded Mamma's to lead happy & healthy lives!

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Learning every day... One day at a time.... Life Lessons...

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