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Friday, April 20, 2018

Being a Mother is about discovering strengths you never knew you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed!

Such a true and RAW quote!

This quote for me runs deep...

As those of you following our page know, after my second daughter was conceived, we not long after were hit with some news that shattered us. We were told that there was a 60% chance of our baby girl having a chromosomal condition, Monosomy X (Turners Syndrome). And not long after her amazing entry into this world this diagnosis was confirmed. .

I knew nothing about Monosomy X & so I did my "research".... everything that I read bought me to tears, to think of all the "possible" health hurdles & extra emotional stuff associated with this syndrome, she may face. .

As time has gone on it HASN'T gotten easier, but I have found my STRENGTH & learnt more ways to shift my attitude to gratitude and shift my thought patterns around this diagnosis. .

When I read this quote it digs so deep... every day I have to pull on STRENGTHS that I never knew I had to deal with this and I most definitely have to deal with FEARS I never knew existed! FEARS of failing her, fears of not being enough or doing enough to be the best Mamma that my girls (Lilah in particular) need me to be... then these FEARS caused me to fall apart ; when nobody is around, because of course I don't want to be seen as the "crumbling mum" that cant hold it together. And also because that’s how I best process things.

But you know what its ok and I'm ok, because I am discovering my STRENGTHS! And realising we are emotive humans and we are allowed to get sad and feel that its not fair, BUT we cant get STUCK there, because thats when it destroys our life! .

We must find a way to reach to any glimmer of hope (as a wise friend once said) and for me I know that if this girl is anything like her Mamma she won't let any diagnosis or obstacle stop her from achieving her dreams, but instead it will be fuel for her dreams!

Today discover your STRENGTH!
Much love Ange x

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